Fees and Payments

Registering, setting up shop (on approval) and listing items is free. Krafty charges a fee only when an item is sold.

Sellers receive their earnings within the first week of every month on successful sales made during the previous month. Earnings, minus the Krafty commission, are transferred to sellers via their preferred payout method. Read our Sellers FAQ for more information.

Seller’s accounts are credited with earnings from a sale only seven days after the shipping of the item to the buyer has been completed. This is done to ensure that the sale has been successful and the item hasn’t been reported for return for any reason.

Krafty reserves the right to modify our fees at any time. Sellers will be notified of any changes to our fees by email.

Should a seller choose to close their account on the website, Krafty will refund the balance of your account as applicable. If your account is terminated for breach of Krafty’s terms of use, refunding the balance of your account will be at our discretion. The seller is obligated to pay Krafty for all unpaid fees plus any penalties, if applicable. Krafty reserves the right to use any legal means to recover unpaid dues.