Why krafty is the right platform for you?

  • When you sell on Krafty, you become part of a vibrant art community, dedicated towards promoting and marketing unique handcrafted items. You share a platform with talented international artisans and have access to a wealth of knowledge, advice and tips along with a dedicated and friendly support team.

  • As an independent entrepreneur, with your own personalized shop and brand name, you showcase your craft to the world, where you earn an income as you sell your unique handmade items. Krafty offers you an opportunity to turn your passion into a successful business.

  • Your online shop on Krafty is risk free. There are no set up or listing fees charged which makes your business startup costs almost non-existent. We only ask you to invest time and creativity to bring the best handcrafts to the buyers.

  • With a secure payment system, customers can buy your items with ease. We also arrange shipping when you have a sale. This way you can focus on ‘creating’ rather than logistics and related technicalities.

  • You create while we promote. We are dedicated to showcasing and promoting your products to the widest audience possible. Your success as a seller is Krafty’s success

How can I sell on Krafty?

We have 3 easy steps! Step 1: Open a shop on Krafty Market. Step 2: Add your items in your shop. Step 3: Submit for approval. Once we approve any of the items you have uploaded (within 24-48 hours) your store will go live and your approved items will now be listed on Krafty and ready to be purchased. Required: A short description about your shop/items, high quality images of your shop/items and specified prices. If you need further assistance, a step by step guide is available in how to open a shop

What can I sell on Krafty?

Krafty is a market place for handmade products only. No mass produced items are allowed. You must be the designer, creator and/or producer of your item. We do not support product re-sellers.

Note: Groups of creators are allowed

What products are not allowed for sale on Krafty?

  • Items that are not handmade,

  • Items that are not originally made or conceived by the seller

  • Items that are mass purchased for re-sale

Any items listed or are of the listed nature
are not allowed on Krafty

  • Drugs, medical drug claims about an item, drug paraphernalia

  • Tobacco and other smokable products

  • Edibles of any kind

  • Live animals, illegal animal products

  • Pornography

  • Firearms and/or weapons

  • Hazardous materials (for example: flammable, explosive, corrosive, poisonous, etc.)

  • Alcohol

  • Real estate

  • Motor vehicles (for example: automobiles, motorcycles, boats, travel trailers, etc.)

  • Items that promote, support or glorify hatred toward or otherwise demean people based upon: race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity, disability, or sexual orientation; including items or content that promote organizations with such views

  • Items that promote or support illegal activity or instruct others to engage in illegal activity

  • Items that promote, support or glorify acts of violence or harm towards self or others We reserve the right to remove items that do not contribute to the spirit of Krafty.

Who is allowed to sell on Krafty?

Currently, we support sellers based within the UAE. Once we are ready to open up Krafty to other markets, we will definitely let you know.

Can I sell homemade cookies and cakes on Krafty?

No, all kinds of edible items are not allowed . Due to current local laws, we do not allow the sale of any edibles on Krafty. Should this change, we would love to open up Krafty to delicious edible goods.

How much does Krafty charge?

Good news! Setting up your store and listing your items is free. For our services, we charge a 25% commission fee on each item sold. Once you become a seller on Krafty, you receive exclusive services from the Krafty team which include giving you space on the website to set up your own store, allowing your buyers to pay by credit or debit card, or cash on delivery and arranging for your items to be delivered to buyers. We also promote your store and items by various means that will be be individually communicated to you from time to time.

How do I receive my money from Krafty?

Once your shop is up and running, you will receive the income on items sold on a monthly basis (less the Krafty fee). We are currently providing our sellers with these options to receive money: 1. We deposit the money into your local UAE bank account within the first week of every month for any sales during the previous month. Currently, deposits into accounts held by the following banks are free.

- Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank - Dubai Islamic Bank - Emirates NBD - HSBC - Mashreq Bank - National Bank of Abu Dhabi

If you hold an account in a bank not listed here, transfer fees (as per the bank) could be incurred.

How do I know if I have sold something from my shop?

Whenever a purchase is made from your shop, you will receive an automatic message as well as an email informing you that an item has been purchased from your shop. This will tell you what the buyer has ordered and the details of the item. The order will also show up in the Shop Invoices section within your account on Krafty.

What happens after receiving a purchase notification?

Step 1: We require that the item be ready for shipping within 3 days of purchase, if this timeline is not possible, you should make sure that this is already stated in the item description. (this applies to items that need to be crafted upon purchase. In this instance please mention - in the description – the amount of time you need to prepare an item for shipping). Step 2: You will receive a call from our courier to confirm item pick up. Pack your item securely and hand it over to the courier. Your item is then delivered to the buyer. Note Krafty is committed to delivering items to buyers in the UAE within 7 days, if not sooner. Remember, the sooner the buyer receives your product, the happier they are, the better the feedback you receive, the more sales you will be likely to make. It is your responsibility as a seller to ensure that the items are packaged safely and securely. Should a purchase fail to reach the buyer in good order and condition due to a packaging fault, it will be your responsibility to replace and pay delivery charges and any other cost associated

What if I send the wrong item to the buyer?

If a buyer receives the wrong item and this was because you gave the courier an incorrect item, then the erroneous item will be returned back to you and you will have the chance to give the right item to the courier to deliver to your buyer. Note: All shipping charges will be incurred by you in the re-shipping process. It is therefore very important to re-check all orders and items before packaging and dispersing for delivery.

How should my product be packaged?

Apart from the safety of the item, remember that first impressions are very important! To make the buying experience more pleasant to the customer, ensure that your product looks and feels good. More importantly, you are responsible for ensuring that the packaging is safe, secure and sturdy enough for delivery so that your items arrive in perfect condition. Extra packaging weight is calculated in addition to the weight of the item. While by all intentions your item should be safe and creatively packaged, do understand that extra weight will increase shipping costs to your buyer and may affect the buying experience. This is something you definitely want to avoid in order to have happy buyers and good reviews. As part of the Krafty community, you will receive support and helpful tips in determining your packaging.

How do you calculate the weight of the item?

All items must be weighted before shipping is arranged. In order for us to calculate the exact shipping rate, make sure you weigh your item AFTER it’s packaged. Note: Any charges resulting in extra weight that was not correctly declared by yourself, will be deducted from your monthly income.

How do customer reviews and feedback work?

We encourage buyers to leave feedback and reviews after every purchase. On a scale of 1 – 5, they can rate their perception of your item, the packaging, quality among other key variables. Working towards high positive feedback will result in referrals and recommendations. Products with good reviews always sell more and customers will always lean towards shops and products that have rated well by other buyers. Krafty will regularly highlight products with positive ratings. Note: Consistently poor ratings might force us to investigate and in extreme cases, a shop may be blacklisted from Krafty.

How will Krafty promote my products and shop?

  • We are committed to supporting the community in developing their shops consistently and constantly devising new and creative ways to ensure all the unique pieces featured on our platform reach the buyers’ eyes. We will consistently share these resources with you.

  • We are social and we have grown our social profile significantly to ensure that we can effectively highlight and promote unique sellers and their items on our social media and networking channels.

  • Video is king and we have perfected the art of being visual. We will ensure that we capture the most unique aspects of your crafts and share with the world.

  • We have featured items and shops, handcrafter interviews and much more on our website and blog, all designed to showcase sellers and their products to the widest audience possible.

  • We also encourage our sellers to promote their own shops,

  • With our krafty affiliate marketing program, we encourage the community to share the products and if a sale materializes from their efforts, they get a percentage commission from the total sale. This will encourage person to person marketing.

How can I get my shop promoted on the Krafty homepage?

Featured sellers are chosen at the discretion of the Krafty team. Some of the things we look for are,

  • Interesting and unique sellers/items and the stories behind them

  • High quality of images in a shop

  • Shops with more than five items for sale

  • Shops that have an updated profile picture

  • High positive reviews and good feedback from buyers

How else can Krafty help me increase my sales? Once you open a shop, you get automatic free access to the Krafty insights portal. Here, we have important resources and information that can help you to generate more sales. This page can be easily accessed from the top menu bar, or from the seller’s account dashboard.

This is all fantastic. But I have more to ask.

If you feel we still haven’t answered all your questions, just get in touch. We will be happy to provide answers to all your curious queries and clear all doubts. Email us at anytime