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You may be a seller, a buyer or just another person who lives, dreams and talks art! The Krafty world is definitely the most unique online space where your creative imagination finds a home. We want you to do much more that just visit our platform because we believe that you should turn your love for art in to a money making venture. We have built a platform that allows you to get paid when you sell or simply share these unique pieces with other art lovers to spread the Krafty gospel.





We provide affiliates with a link that they are able to share on their facebook, instagram, website and blog. To become an affiliate, you simply need to sign up as a member of Krafty and you can immediately start promoting any product with the share button listed on each product and store. As an affiliate you are able to earn 3% of the total sale value which will be paid in your account at the end of each month or redeemed for credits to purchase Krafty products. This program is designed to help anyone looking to earn a second income have the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world at any time.

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The Krafty Gospel



Share a product or shop by clicking the share icon or copy and paste the link on your social channel or blog.




For every purchase your followers make on Krafty Market, you earn a 3% commission on the total sale value.




You may redeem your earnings in cash or by using your Krafty credits for purchases on Krafty Market.