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The Crystal Grid base is the “The Seed of Life” the name of this pattern instantly offers insight into its deeper meaning and purpose. Found at the heart of an ancient pattern called the “Flower of Life”., it Is the Symbol of Creation. It represents abundance and it will awaken all of us to new expanded understandings of our purpose. It represents the begging of cycles in our life, fresh and new beginnings and opportunities. Trees represent longevity, good fortune, security, blessings from nature, shelter and family stability Rose Quartz brings peace and unconditional love, promotes compassion and forgiveness. Rose quartz is the stones of joy and fulfillment. It will draw love to you whenever you need it, enhancing confidence and self-esteem, and bringing more magic, love and harmony to all your relationships. The pink quartz brings us strength and comfort. When the soul feels the presence of the pink quartz, the sorrows, the fear and resentment that block the flow of giving and receiving love are transmuted so satisfaction and inner peace flourish within us. Citrine brings wealth, success and joy. It is a stone of happiness, openness, light, optimism and fresh beginnings. Revitalizes the mind, brings inner calm and releases negative emotions. It is great for problem solving , it energizes and gives strength in life. Citrine helps to attract prosperity and abundance to all the areas of your life.


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