Shield Yourself Healing Bracelet
  • Shield Yourself Healing Bracelet

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Made with Lapis Lazuli & Black Tourmaline, our Shield Yourself bracelet protects you from harsh, negative or lower energy vibrations. These crystals for protection help to shield you from unwanted, negative energy. You can create a protective, energy shield around yourself by wearing crystals for protection and visualising a large ball of white light surrounding your entire body. Shielding helps you to stay balanced and centered, and to ensure your energy field is 100% your own, without absorbing other peoples’ energy. Lapis Lazuli is believed to hold an energy that provides protection against psychic attack and “energy vampires”. Many Buddhists also believe that this healing stone frees your mind of negative thoughts and energies. Black Tourmaline assists in shielding your mind, body and spirit from negative energy. It works to repel negative vibrations and facilitates the release of negative feelings, such as stress, negativity, anxiety and even feelings of depression.


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