Who is krafty?

Krafty is the brainchild of a passionate team of art lovers, who believed in the abilities of upcoming artists. They saw beyond the unique pieces and understood that being creative is not enough, they needed to identify and address the challenges faced in turning crafts into a business. That’s why they designed an outlet to showcase art and ensure talent sustainability.

The fact that art is a unique skill that takes time and effort is highly emphasized at Krafty. We do not go for mass production, rather, we feature carefully selected individual pieces that communicate the value of art. By empowering artists, Krafty has indirectly revived dying crafts and given them a voice on the platform. It’s more than a business, it is a push to preserve cultural history and pass on art traditions from one generation to the next. It is a community that is designed to inspire.

In addition to the market place, we have created an artist's community where highly influential creative minds meet, interact and inspire each other. Whether you are selling crafts, unique skills or simply promoting art, we can assure you that you will meet a lot of fascinating people from local and international communities. Join the community today JOIN NOW!

Our mission

Our mission is to bridge the gap between creators and collectors. We have provided a platform to give a voice to artists and ensure that every craft-eyed buyer finds a home in ours. Krafty is not just a market place, it is a community of like minded people who love, understand and appreciate art.

Our mission is to develop and expand the Krafty community of creative talents where artists find a voice and art lovers find their inspiration. The platform is making an invaluable contribution to the growth and sustainability of unique, beautiful pieces that would otherwise be made, but never seen. This is the reason why Krafty was established, to help you discover your talent, package it and showcase it to the world.

Our goal is to ensure that the buyers know you and want to explore the creative output of your hand.

Looking ahead, our vision for the future is to build the largest art community in the Middle East region, full of of important resources for artists and a hub where each one of them finds inspiration, growth and success.

Our values

Our values go beyond collecting and selling outstanding pieces; we believe in the artist! At Krafty, you will know and understand that beauty is only realized when you win the element of surprise and wonder. You will learn to develop this aspect that is central to turning art in to a money generating business. On the other hand, we hold dear the interest of the buyer and the quality of crafts they are interested in seeing. In this aspect, we carefully select each and every piece displayed on the platform.

By building this community, we are enabling artists and art collectors to tap in to valuable knowledge and information from all over the world. Whether this is a hobby or an exciting career, Krafty is your go-to place to showcase as well as collect unique pieces that you will not find elsewhere. This platform is dedicated to bringing culture and art to the world at a touch of a button.

For the artist, Krafty expands opportunities! We are here to take you beyond ordinary and support you to become exceptional. An artist does not need to be overwhelmed by the challenges and responsibilities of marketing their own work. Krafty wants you to concentrate on what you are good at, excel in your skill and we will take care of the business aspect of your craft.

The art lover is assured of a rich collection of pieces from all over the world from different kinds of craft makers. At krafty, you will find quality, variety and value in every piece you choose.

Why Krafty?

We connect craft lovers with each others
We plan and build for the long term
We value craftsmanship in all we make